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We offer an all-in-one product for clients in the following sectors:

  • Custom Rehab
  • Hospice
  • O&P

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TeamDME! Products and Services


TeamDME! Teams

Cloud based

Access from anywhere, and let us worry about performance, security, backups and disaster-recovery.

TeamDME! Teams

Billing features

Our wizards make billing simple, fast and compliant. Easier billing makes your staff more productive.

TeamDME! Teams

Our team to your team

When you speak to someone in our Sales, Training or Support teams, you're working with an expert. Our team members have an average of 15+ years experience. We believe the best support is getting you the correct answer quickly.

TeamDME! Teams

Monthly billing charts

Understand the rejections your staff is facing billing Medicare and other providers, and focus training on weaknesses.

TeamDME! Teams

Mobile delivery tablet

Allows you to get electronic signatures and capture correct serial/lot numbers at delivery.

TeamDME! Teams

Online payment portal

Customers pay you faster when they can pay after hours with convenient options for check or credit card.

TeamDME! Teams

Management dashboard

Keep your finger on the pulse of your financials and which direction they are trending.

TeamDME! Teams


Cash drawer, pole display and scanner makes any PC a cash register to speed your customer through the line and out the door. Accept credit cards at the register, by phone or online.

TeamDME! Teams

Data conversion

We can easily convert data from Brightree, MedAct, Fastrack and many others.

TeamDME! Teams

Email integration

Email forms to physicians and payers, reports to facilities, referral sources and coworkers, etc.

TeamDME! Teams

Efax integration

Fax CMNs or prescriptions to physicians, authorization forms to Payor, and more with a couple of clicks from your desktop.

TeamDME! Teams


Security is built into everything we do.

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