– Kathleen, CEO, Hope Medical Supply (since 1999)

April 15, 2020

“I wanted to tell you how remarkably successful the custom A/R report by Payor Responsibility Group you completed for us in February was. It has transformed my billing department into a “collecting machine.” The beauty of it is that within payor, it filters the account, not the open item, in descending order. Apparently for years they had been spending days each month poring over the A/R to sort out which accounts to work on. The open items by a particular patient are scattered all throughout any given payor, so they could not tell at a glance which accounts really were the largest and thus the most important ones to attack first. 

Anyway, you have a whale of a powerful tool there for all of your customers to know about. It has revolutionized our cash flow for the good, and I thought you would be gratified to know this. I hope you’ll use it to help other struggling customers. The one thing they might have to do is be sure they assign all their payors to a specific biller so that they get the right payor group report to the right biller. Anyway, I thank you very much for this fine work. It’s just wonderful!”